Miradry for Underarm Sweat

Stay Confident with Miradry for Underarm Sweat

Embrace Confidence: Say Goodbye to Underarm Sweat

In the first installment of our Breslow Banter video series, our Certified Physician Assistant Madison Goldberg and Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Melissa Giordano discuss miraDry, a non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment that eliminates underarm sweat and body odor.

Video Transcription

Madison: As you know I’m getting married in August, and I’m really worried about how sweaty I may be – it’s going to be really hot. What are the procedures offered here at the Breslow Center? I’ve heard you can get Botox injections under your arms?

Melissa: We do that, but now we have Miradry! I just had it done about a month ago and it’s an amazing treatment – it’s a permanent option for underarms sweating, versus Botox which works temporarily (for three to six months on average, depending on how sweaty you are).

Miradry is great – it works immediately. There can be a little bit of swelling at first, but it’s a very comfortable treatment. We numb the underarms – it takes about an hour of your time in the office.

It works by heating up the sweat glands through microwave technology and destroying the sweat and odor glands. Your body only has two percent of your sweat glands in the underarms. Your body finds its way to cool down – it doesn’t compensate by sweating any place else so it works really well.

Madison: If I were going to get this done, how far in advance would I need it? You said there’s swelling – is it usually a couple months, or…

Melissa: I’d say that there’s swelling about twenty-four or forty-eight hours after the treatment, during which the underarms look puffy, but that puffiness is pretty much gone by the two-week mark, although the skin might still be kind of lumpy for a few additional weeks after that. If you’re preparing for an event, I would try to do it about two months in advance just to make sure all of the swelling and any discomfort is completely gone at that point.

Madison: And anything I need to do as a patient to help the process – massage, for instance?

Melissa: About five days before you have the treatment it’s really important that you shave your underarms. You can massage after the treatment just to help flatten some of the lumpiness.

Another great perk that you get from the miraDry treatment is that you can expect a seventy percent reduction in underarm hair. It’s been a real game changer for a lot of our patients, especially those who suffer from clinical hyperydrosis – I’ve had patients who come in that sweat through winter coats, patients who have to wear padding underneath their arms to get through social events… So it really has been a great treatment that patients are immensely pleased with. Our goal is to achieve an eighty percent reduction of sweat and odor glands – so far, all of our very sweaty patients tell me that they’re probably noticing a ninety percent reduction of sweat and odor.

Madison: Is it for both men and women?

Melissa: Yes, we treat men and women aged eighteen and older.

Madison: Sounds good. Sign me up!

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