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Your Aesthetic Questions Answered: Injxcellence FAQs

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We have two locations: 1 West Ridgewood Avenue, Suite 110, Paramus, NJ. We are on the first floor inside of the Bergen Medical building. Our 2nd location is at 327 Franklin Avenue, Suite 6, Wyckoff, New Jersey – Located in Boulder Run Shopping Center. Our closest landmark is the Starbucks.

According to the American Med Spa Association, a medical spa is an establishment that is a hybrid, or a blend of, an aesthetic practice and a day spa and provides the following: (1) the provision of non-invasive (i.e. non-surgical) aesthetic medical services; (2) under the general supervision of a licensed physician; (3) performed by trained, experienced and qualified practitioners; (4) with onsite supervision by a licensed healthcare professional.
According to NJ law, it is required that a Medical Doctor, Physician Associate, or a Nurse Practitioner be always on site at the medical spa. Physician Associates (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are mid-level medical providers who are extensively trained to do much of what a medical doctor does.
We offer a full range of non-invasive aesthetic treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers (cheek, jaw, undereye, smile lines, temples, etc.), lip filler, and more. In addition to our injectable treatments, we also offer laser skin rejuvenation and Microneedling with Radiofrequency.
During your first consultation, you will have an in-depth consultation where you will have 3D photos taken from many different angles. Your provider will review them and formulate a treatment plan according to your goals and the images. Since your first appointment will be schedule for an hour and half, there will be time for a treatment that day.
From your Botox treatment, you can expect to see the lines and wrinkles, on your treated areas, to be completely relaxed and smooth. The results appear over time, and you will see the result within 7-10 days; if you find you look the same after your treatment, don’t panic, that is normal! Your results should last just about 3-4 months, with the “wear off” beginning around month 2 ½ to 3, especially if it was your first treatment. For those who have been on a schedule with their Botox treatments, the results may last longer.
From your injectable filler treatment, you can expect immediate results. As with any injectable treatment, you may notice some bruising, swelling, or redness which will fade within 24-48hrs. Please ask us about products that we have in office that help reduce the risk of post injection bruising and swelling, while enhancing results.
For 24hrs, we ask that you restrict your workouts, aspirin, ibuprofen, massaging or touching your face, and to not lay down for four hours, as this will help the healing process.

Please call 201-444-9522 to contact us for an appointment with one of our aesthetic injectors. We require a $75.00 deposit which is expected when we schedule your treatment. The deposit is applied toward your treatment. If you decide to not be treated that day, no problem! You can expect a full refund of your $75.00 deposit.

We’re glad you asked! We are a high-volume practice, and we try our best to limit last minute cancellations and no shows to appointments. To help prevent this, we do have a 48hr cancellation policy. If you cancel within 48hrs, there is a $75.00 fee that will be charged. Please call us to go over the policy if there are any questions.

20% OFF New Patients

Offers is valid for the Wyckoff location ONLY.  This offer is for new patients and for first (1) treatment only ; if you’re a patient of the Paramus location, this offer is not valid.  The following offer cannot be applied to previous treatments or purchases.  It cannot be combined, transferred, and carries no cash value. Thank you for understanding our policy.